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Warehousing, Cool Storage, Packaging in Victoria's FoodBowlThe Goulburn Murray Irrigation District is well-serviced by warehousing, cool and freezer storage, packaging and other servicing industries.

A number of farms have their own warehousing and cold storage operations and some food processors have developed their own warehousing and transport solutions, such as the $15m SPC-Ardmona facility in Shepparton. Other operations are looking to contract to third-party logistic providers to develop a specific warehouse and logistics solution. The trend towards larger, shared operations has been occurring in recent time and this trend is expected to continue. The region is well-placed to accommodate this growth and there are many investment opportunities available. The Greater Shepparton City Council is developing a freight and logistics centre, while the other councils have industrial estates or strategically located land to assist in the facilitation of investment.

A range of providers, including Visy Board, Ultrastck, SGS Plastics, Amcor Fibre and GV Packaging supply metal, cardboard and plastic packaging to meet budget, consumer or contract specification requirements.

A number of boiler makers, welders, steel fabricators, refrigerated engineering firms, scientists, agronomists, farming supplies and specialists support these warehousing, storage, packaging enterprises. Firms such as Furphys and Foodmach have assisted the food processing and manufacturing industries for years. The region also has a range of business advice and professional services and there are a number of education providers to skill labour to meet industry needs.

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