Investment Opportunities in Moira

Irrigation works for the future
2010/10/22 | Sophie Bruns

A Dingee family farm upgrades their irrigation system under NVIRP and in the process, secures water access for their future.

Modernisation creates optimism
2010/07/29 | Sophie Bruns

Diaryfarming couple improve irrigation infrastructure under the NVIRP.

Boundary Bend Estate
2009/10/27 | Fiona Lloyd

Boundary Bend's recent acquisition of significant olive grove plantations positions the company as the biggest olive grower and largest producer of olive oil in Australia.

Poultry industry egg-cited about future
2010/02/10 | Fiona Lloyd

Northern Victoria's poultry industry is investing in ground-breaking technology to ensure the sector's long-term sustainability.

Industrial Land
2009/10/27 | Fiona Lloyd

The Loddon Shire offers a great opportunity for investment. A large shire, it has industrial land conveniently located throughout the region

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