Loddon Competitive Advantages




Agribusiness - Irrigated, dryland and piped stock and domestic systems including new infrastructure and delivery systems, open space, potential for large-scale and very competitively priced land developments

  • Land and water - Large land holdings, upgraded delivery infrastructure and bulk supply systems incorporating new and innovative water technologies. High-quality irrigation water is supplied through the Waranga Western main channel
  • Diversity - Olives, tomatoes, fodder, grains/legumes, viticulture, intensive agriculture including poultry and pork production and dairying.
  • Access - three major highways and freight and passenger rail services allow ease of access to the markets of Bendigo and Melbourne, around Australia and to export terminals
  • Liveability and lifestyle - local attractiveness, sports, communities and facilities.
        For further information on Loddon Valley Lifestyle: www.loddon.vic.gov.au/visitorinformation


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