Tongala has new town hub


The completion of a new $823,000 building in Tongala will centralise community activities and give the community a real boost.

The Tongala community has a new meeting place after building of the towns hub was recently completed.
Home to the councils customer service centre and library, a large community health centre, local family history group, the Community Emergency Response Team and community meeting facilities, the hub is set to give the community of Tongala a real boost.
Campaspe Shire mayor Neil Pankhurst said the building in Mangan Street represented the biggest investment in the town for many years.
The hub was  built using funding from council, the Victorian Government and Nestle at a cost of $823,000.
Not only will the hub provide great facilities for the town, Campaspe Shire Council believe it will also have significant, wide-ranging social and economic benefits for the town.
The building of the hub is a direct result of passionate townspeople finding a solution to the needs of the community.
The hub is one of three major projects being tackled by Campaspe Shire Council this year.

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