Livestock Production in Victoria's Food Bowl

livestock in victoria's foodbowl The livestock (lamb and beef) industry is important to the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District's economy, with the value of production estimated at $336.6 million in 2005-06. Livestock production is concentrated in dryland and irrigated areas of the GMID.

    Gross value of livestock production in the GMID ($ million)

Cattle & calves   
Sheep & lamb 
Gannawarra 27.35 0.80 9.13 0.05 6.24
Swan Hill 4.59 0.02 0.31 0.08 7.71
Loddon 14.21 0.03 10.93 0.44 36.36
Campaspe 65.16 0.08 13.34 0.07 14.23
Greater Shepparton      40.41 0.93 6.14 6.78 7.77
Moira 45.65 0.30 1.76 0.05 14.55

Many of the dryland enterprises are mixed-production systems, focusing on livestock (mainly cattle and lamb) and grain production. Many livestock farms in the irrigated districts are also mixed enterprises. The diary industry also contributes a large volume of castaway cattle and calves to the region's livestock industry. Sheep and lamb production is particularly high in Loddon, which supports a large area of grain and dryland grazing production.

Pork is another important sector within the livestock industry, with a number of intensive farming systems operating within the western GMID. The value of pork production in the region was estimated at $9.1 million during 2005-06. The western GMID is particularly suited to pork production due to its proximity to grain production and its relatively low population density. Pork production provides significant benefits to the local grains industry, with producers requiring large volumes of wheat and alternative feed products to produce high-quality pork. It is important to note that the pork industry has struggled in recent years, mostly due to higher feed costs and competing cheap imports.

The region's livestock industry is serviced by a large number of abattoir facilities, located at Nathalia, Yarrawonga, Cobram, Echuca, Tongala, Stanhope, Tatura and Gunbower. The region's livestock industry is also well serviced by modern saleyard facilities located in Shepparton, Cobram, Yarrawonga, Swan Hill, Kerang and Echuca.

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