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Fruit Production in the GMID

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The GMID produces 50% of the value of Victoria's horticulture.

Pears and apples are significant crops in Shepparton contributing $61million and $42million respectively in value to its agricultural production.

Tomatoes are grown around Rochester-Echuca, Corop-Colbinabbin (Campaspe), Boort-Kerang and the Goulburn Valley (Shepparton). The value of production in Shepparton alone is estimated to be about $33 million (ABS Value of Agricultural Commodities) which accounts for the major share of the region's production.

The citrus industry is concentrated along the Murray River. There are 15 growers with over 1,000 acres producing Navel and Valencia oranges in Golden Rivers Country, Gannawarra.

Stone fruit is grown in Shepparton (peaches, apricots, plums, and cherries) and in Gannawarra. One of the largest cherry orchards in Victoria is in Kerang, Gannawarra.

An olive operation located near Boort is the largest single-site olive plantation in the world (2,777ha ), generating over 50,000 tonnes of olives per year and is coupled to a processing plant for production of olive oil.


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 Fruit Production in the GMID

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